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pan; p/w; in your most frail gesture

airie_fairy in inthefashion

If you have a minute

Not much I can think of to say as introduction. Basically, Peter/Wendy is my OTP, "Somewhere Only We Know" is absolutely perfect for the story behind it, and I'm very happy to finally have done -- and especially happy to have finally finished, this thing took ages -- this video. The footage is all from the old Disney movie because that's what Peter Pan is to me.


vimeo password: love

*No d/l link again because, once again, fileshare sites are giving me static.


That was beautifully done. And lovely song choice! Wendy and Peter get overlooked sometimes so it's great to see a video just for them. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks! =D Yeah, most of what I find when I look for them -- and it's hard enough finding anything -- is with other couples, or with sequels or other versions, or with songs I don't like, or kind of slapped together. They deserve more attentiveness and I hope I did that.
Very lovely :D
Thank you! =D
Aw this is lovely, I really love the repetition of the walking towards the window motif.
Ha, yes! That was me stretching my material as far as it would go. "Broken up, this one few second sequence could suit many different lyrics!" I'm glad it struck you. =D There's something so magical about the two of them at a window together.
This is an awesome vid! Along with Alice in Wonderland, this was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid, so it was great to see a vid based on it. I especially liked the way you synchronized the stars and rainbows to the beat at the beginning.
The movie is just so perfect it did a lot of that synching for me. XD But thanks! =D Alice in Wonderland is lovely too. I think I appreciate that one more now.
Thank you! Wendy's my favorite character like ever, so it was instinct that did that. =D