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dw; amy; all my life's buried here

airie_fairy in inthefashion

This is how you pass the time when you have no internet access.

I made two videos!

The first one is set to "When You Were Young." Yes, I know. But I've been threatening to make this thing since The Eleventh Hour aired, and I finally made good. I always knew it'd be Amy's perspective-centric, but I didn't realize how heavily until it came out. Anyway, it's very self-indulgent and we all might be better off not knowing. The vimeo password is: lifelong


The second is a general s5 video, to "Southside." I tried with questionable success to make it look moody and atmospheric. Moby is there to prop it up where I may have failed. The vimeo password is: travelers


I will have to attempt to stop vidding this series. After I make the rest of the ones clouding my mind.


Love both of these, particularly the first one ♥ Beautifully put together.
I will have to attempt to stop vidding this series.

I KNOW THE FEELING. Anyway these are lovely, I'm particularly partial to the Moby one. S5 does nice things with light no? Also some great Dream Lord moments, "love and darkness" indeed.
I love Moby. And the Dream Lord. I wanted him to factor into this video muchly, what with the Seasonal Themes and darkish music and all.
A Dream Lord-centric vid is one of my currently unattained goals, but it will be hard because he talks too much. WONDER WHY.
Ooh, what's your song idea for him?
This. But I'm doing Quasi-Professional Film Editing for a while so can't vid as much, (honestly, where have my priorities gone) so you should make heaps more S5 vids in the meantime. WE NEED THEM REGULAR TIL CHRISTMAS, THE MOFF HAS EARNED IT.
I've got at least two more pure DW and one crossover in mind, but they shall require downloads. Then there's my all-era one that I need to plug some of this series into, but I don't actually expect that to be finished anytime soon.

Quasi-professional film editing! Omg! *jealous/impressed*
Yeah, I've got a couple multi-era ones that aren't gonna happen this year. Oh well, classic Who isn't going anywhere, unless the Beeb decides to track down and burninate ALL OF IT.

Cheers, yeah. We've now got backing for a doco feature, which brings back that uni feeling where everything that isn't Working On The Project seems like procrastination.

ETA: what's the crossover?

Edited at 2010-08-19 10:31 pm (UTC)
I figured a little Wendy (cartoon version)/Amelie/Amy to this, probably.
Fairytale Amy ftw.
Thanks! And oh good, because I wouldn't know how to disable downloading? I just prepare and put up the links every time.
things I've done today: watched "When You Were Young" a CRIMINAL amount of times.

it's gorgeous. oh, Killers! do you only write for Doctor Who? Anyway, your choice of clips was spot-on and the cutting was wonderfully done. *joy*
They do seem to be eternally appropriate for the show, it's WEIRD.

And thank you!