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pan; p/w; in your most frail gesture

airie_fairy in inthefashion

Finally, after all these years...

It is the GREATEST MOVIE EVER. There will be more of these, and more specialized ones, but I got a quick wild one out of the way -- a general homage to all of Peter Pan set to the instrumental "Intro" by the XX. The theme of this video is that it is the GREATEST and also the PRETTIEST movie ever.


vimeo password: flight


Awwwww yay!
That video was very you. :)
Lol thank you. =D
very nice! brilliant. it must be hard to montage without lyrics. i think i need to watch peter pan again too. love your userpic also.
Thank you! It was actually not as hard as I thought it was going to be, but I did switch up a few clips trying to make a unifying theme.

I think you should (watch it again).