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Makes you want to laugh, doesn't it?

I've been threatening this for three and a half years, and it's finally happened. A Joker vid. Because I love Joker. It's inappropriate, really. To keep it simple, it's just Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill. Believe me, I want to watch a video of Cesar Romero hitting people with fish just as much as you do, but there is a time and a place for sifting through stuff you haven't watched since you were four. Anyway:


Vimeo password: swordfish -- watching the video should give you a clue as to why. And the song is "Tea & Thorazine" by Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire, because it was hearing it three and a half years ago and realizing it and Joker were meant to be together that caused me to do this.

*There is no download link because every service I try spits the file back out at me and I don't know why.
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This is awesome. I love how you've managed to integrate the three different sources and the wonderful cuts (especially cuts between the Hamill!Joker and Ledger!Joker falling off a rooftop). And seeing those three Jokers together hits the point that while there's different versions and interpretations of him, he's still such a one of a kind character and no other villain is quite like him.
Thanks! I had some fun with the cutting and spontaneously occurring ideas in this. Joker is bigger than life; there's so many ways to do him (even without getting into the awful ones) and so many versions work and it just opens up a little more of what he secretly was the whole time.
Really enjoyed this! You melded the three visions of him wonderfully and with the kind of panache he so dearly deserves. *g*
Thanks! The fella's got style.
Swordfish is the universal password.
Loooooved the video! I would have commented on it earlier if I hadn't been all over the freaking place for the last week. D:
Nothing's better for shovin' your girlfriend out of a high rise than passwords! Whoo...

Thaaaaaank you! No worries, what had been going on?