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Whoo, bandwagons!

I made a video that has NO RELATION to Doctor Who. I know. Those will probably be back, though. In the meantime, have the new and improved three viewing options (they should all work, I believe).


The vimeo password is: boom. The song is "London Calling" by the Clash, because it's "London Calling" by the Clash.


That was awesome.
=D Thanks. (Wonderfalls!)
Awesome! I've always loved that song and this is a beautiful vid.

I watched it on YouTube but I'm gonna download it from Megaupload when I get home (my work blocks that site).

And you vid Doctor Who too? Cool!

And now work... *sigh*
Thanks! And yes I do vid Doctor Who, just follow the "fanvid" tag.

I hope it's a good day at work, at least.
Ooh, nifty! I very much enjoyed this.
I'm glad!
Oh, that song works so well with Sherlock. Great job. :)
Thanks, and I love that song.
I love it! Perfect blend of scene and song.
Thank you!